About Isuru Linux

ISURU Linux (Sinhaleseඉසුරු ලිනක්ස්) is an operating system developed by the Ministry of EducationSri Lanka. ISURU Linux is customized for the use in Sri Lankan schools. ISURU Linux is based on Ubuntu Linux (Sinhaleseඋබුන්ටු ලිනක්ස්) operating system which is referred as “Operating system and Application software collection”.

On 30th June 2012, ISURU Linux was introduced to Sri Lankan schools by The Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. It is an effort of the ICT Branch of Ministry of Education, Teachers, as well as the Sri Lankan Open Source Community.

The first release was ISURU Linux 12.04. The second edition was ISURU Linux 14.04. From the experience gain from the previous versions, ISURU Linux 16.04  (“For a Difference”) was released on 30 April 2016.ISURU Linux is used for teaching Sri Lankan GCE O-level and GCE A-level “Information and Communication Technology” subjects.

It is worthwhile and proud to mention the name of Mr.G.M.Niel Gunadasa, the former Director of ICT(Information and Communication Technology) of Ministry of Education who took the initiative to introduce Isuru Linux operating system for the school community.

ISURU Linux can be download from this official website or from this direct download link.

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